Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Best French Toast I've Ever Made

How to make amazing French Toast in six easy steps:

  1. Use good bread.  I used Clear Flour Bread's Pain de Mie, an enriched white bread perfect for French Toast.
  2. Cut thick slices.  It is best if the bread is just a little stale, as it will absorb more liquid and hold up better.
  3. For the mixture:  Instead of adding milk to your eggs, try light coconut milk.  It adds a subtle richness and flavor that is heavenly.  I also added some cardamom and a little powdered sugar for slight sweetness throughout.
  4. Place your bread slices in a pan, then pour half the mixture over them.  Poke them with a fork.  Turn them over and repeat.  Let them sit for at least five minutes.  This is so very much better than dipping them in a bowl and throwing them right onto a pan.
  5. Make your pan nice and hot with nothing in it.  Add 1 tbsp butter and turn the heat down.  As soon as the butter is melted, add the toast.
  6. Slow... it... down.  Seriously, don't rush it.  Keep the heat on medium low.  Try to flip the toast only once, when it becomes golden brown (no harm in peeking).  Don't turn up the heat to try to brown in faster or the inside won't cook enough.  It will get brown in time, I promise.  And then it will be perfect.
If you don't want to use coconut milk, try adding a tablespoon or so of heavy cream and some cinnamon or vanilla extract.  Just be sure to soak it long and cook it slow.


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