Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vegetable & Chorizo Stew

A lovely local restaurant holds a weekly prix fixe wine tasting dinner, themed by region.  I went with a friend a few months ago and it was delicious and charming.  But, of all of the wonderful things we tasted that evening, one dish lingered with me: an early autumn vegetable stew with chorizo.  It featured a broth that was simultaneously light and full of bold, smokey flavor.  It was hearty in taste but not heavy in the stomach.  And, with nothing to go by other than my vague recollections, I set out to attempt a recreation.

My version is certainly not identical to the original, but was very tasty and pleasing nonetheless.  I don't remember if the original had beans-- I don't think it did-- but I decided to add some to make it just a little heartier for the middle of winter, mild as this one may be.  For an earlier fall dish I think I'd replace the beans with some more corn and perhaps some diced carrots, sauteed in a pan a bit before being added to the broth.

- 2 raw chorizo sausages (though I think it could also be quite lovely with dried chorizo, as I believe was featured in the original)
- 1 onion, diced
- 1 stalk celery with leaves, diced
- 1/4 c. dry red wine
- 3 c. water
- 1 tsp salt (or less if sausage is particularly salty)
- dash paprika, dash cumin, 1/2 tsp black pepper
- lacinto kale, destemmed and chopped
- 1 can cannelini beans, rinsed well (home-cooked would be ideal, but I tend to fall short here)
- 1/2 c. corn (fresh or frozen)

- Slice the chorizo into 1/2" slices
- Heat a dry dutch oven or heavy bottomed pot over medium
- Sear the chorizo on each side in two batches.  Remove and set aside.
- Add the onions to the hot pot and saute for about 3 minutes.
- Add the celery and saute another minute.
- Deglaze the pot with the wine, then add the water, the sausage, and the salt.
- Cover and simmer at 30-45 minutes.
- Add the beans, kale, and corn, adjust seasoning and simmer another 20 minutes.

This makes about 4 servings, especially is served with hearty bread to soak up all of the delicious broth.


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