Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eat this now! A Tender Spring Salad

Yesterday was the first hot day of the year that really felt like summer was just around the corner.  It was a day that left you stunned and thirsty from being in the sun too long.  It was a day that turned cats into puddles on the floor.  It was the perfect day for a good salad.

I came home from the farmers market with one of the most beautiful heads of tender butterhead lettuce I'd ever seen.  While I was browsing, a little package of chive blossoms at the Siena Farms booth caught my eye.  With chive flowers blooming in my garden at home, I had never considered eating them.  Tonight I would put them in my salad.

Though it seems simple, this salad was very satisfying.  The tender lettuce is perfect for showcasing the bright lemon, earthy goat cheese, and pungent chive flowers.  The side of asparagus is icing on the cake.

- Start by thoroughly washing your lettuce leaves.  Pat them dry as well as you can and let the air do the rest.
- Trim the ends of your asparagus.
- Rub the stalks with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
- Heat up a grill pan and add the asparagus.  Cook for about six minutes, turning over once.
- While allowing the asparagus to cool, tear up your lettuce.
- Top the salad with a few slivers of boucheron or the goat cheese of your choice, (a full-flavored aged cheese is great here).
- Pull the chive flowers apart (they're actually a bunch of small blossoms held together at the bottom).  I used three for my single large salad.
- Combine the flowers with equal parts olive oil & lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and a dash of pepper.
- Add the asparagus to the salad.
- Pour the vinaigrette over everything.


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