Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lost Recipes

I cook a lot.  Sometimes I use recipes, more often I improvise.  When I'm creating something new I try to document it.  I take pictures, I write down recipes....  but not always.  All too often I let myself think, "Oh, I'll remember.  It was so easy."  Or perhaps, "I'll write it down after dinner, or first thing tomorrow," and somehow it's five months later and the page is still blank....  ahem.  So, without further excuse, here are some of the lost recipes, may they rest in peace.

This risotto had cremini mushrooms, swiss chard (from my garden!) and...  some other stuff.

A delicious sunday brunch of bacon, pear and citrus fruit salad, and....  some kind of bread pudding.

 Lemony couscous with peppers... or tomatoes?  wilted arugula, and broiled jumbo shrimp.

This was really good.  Rice noodles with beef, onions, celery, and baby bok choy in plum sauce.  The red skin of the plums gave everything a pretty pink tinge.

 Barbeque chicken leg, homemade sauce and all, with broiled green beans.

Pizza topped with olive oil, sweet onions, garlic scapes(?), chick peas, and feta or goat cheese.

Broiled chicken(?) with kale chips and cucumber salad with yogurt dill dressing.

The moral of the story is to keep pen and paper handy when you're cooking...  or just be prepared to try to make everything all over again.  Oh, darn.

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