Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buckwheat Walnut French Toast with Fresh Blueberry Sauce

I very much enjoy French toast for an indulgent breakfast.  Though it's always very tasty with a classic, good quality white bread, I also recommend trying it with a heartier bread for a different take.  Here I used a buckwheat walnut bread.  Buckwheat, despite it's name, it's not actually a variety of wheat, not being a cereal or grass like wheat, but is considered a psuedocereal like quinoa or amaranth.  It is commonly used in blinis, savory crepes sarrasin, and soba noodles.  It has a rather earthy taste and contains no gluten, meaning that buckwheat breads usually contain wheat flour as well.

I prepared this just as I prepare any other French toast.  However, since it's less light and airy than a white bread, you may want to prepare more of the liquid mix (and be sure to give it enough time to soak).  For the sauce, I simply combined nearly a pint of blueberries with a small spoonful of sugar and a drizzle of water, then let them simmer until they broke down into a sauce, stirring occasionally.  I left it chunky and fruity, but you could cook it longer and/or mash it up and strain it for a more true syrup.


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